Products and Projects


Steel structural work

The welding mechanical constructions has always been the leading activity for  CM Sud S.r.l., a company that has always privileged a close and constructive relationship with its own customers, through a careful cooperation, detailed and accurate proposals and suggestions. CM Sud S.r.l. can offer its customers the value added of a great experience about managing very complicated orders and the deep knowledge of the problems related to welding. Infact the  company has its own welding processes certified on several material and thickness according to European Standard (UNI EN) and American Regulation (ASME Section IX).

Carpentry assembly

CM Sud S.r.l. has the technical capabilities and the experience necessary to ensure carpentry assembly on the whole national territory and also abroad. In the last years CM Sud s.r.l. has carried out important assembly works in Denmark, Luxembourg and Germany. CM Sud s.rl.  follows precisely  the requests of the works management in the construction sites by organizing its own staff in full compliance of the safety rules and by always guaranteeing the results expected by its clients.

Acoustic Enclosures

CM Sud S.r.l. has lately found in the building “turnkey” of acoustic enclosures, a really interesting working trend. About this type of work our company offers his customers the necessary know how to deliver the manufacture, complete with all its parts, from the planning to the erection of structures,  curtains and systems. This commercial and operational choice enabled CM Sud S.r.l. to be present in considerably important works in some of the main Snam Rete Gas stations.

Technological Systems

In order to offer the customer a “turnkey” product, CM Sud S.r.l. is able to suggest the planning and installing of the technological systems necessary for the warehouses and acoustic enclosures, also for big energy stations. CM Sud S.r.l. has got the requisites provided  by the law for the technological systems and has already made different typologies of electrical, conditioning and ventilation systems.

Inlet and Exhaust Ducts

Thanks to its consistent experience in the Power Generation sector CM Sud S.r.l. can plan, make and install Inlet and Exhaust Ducts for turbo-generator or turbo-supercharger  machines. Also maintenance and upgrading of these ducts (reinsulation inside and outside, improvement of acoustic and functional efficiency) has been largely experienced in quite many important works made in Italy, mostly for Snam Rete Gas.