about us


CM Sud S.r.l. was founded after a long and  profitable joint work of two companies: Mape impianti S.r.l. and Carpenteria Metaurense S.r.l. The first is a company placed in the South of Italy, in Puglia area, that boasts an important experience in the technological plant field, the second is a company located in the province of Pesaro that claims a relevant experience on  the field of steel structural work and in particular in the building, erection and maintenance of silencer ducts for gas turbines ( Inlet, Exhaust, ventilation) for customers as Nuovo Pignone and Snam Progetti.

CM Sud S.r.l., works through a very flexible company structure, dramatically efficient both in the production of the mechanical workshop and in the leading of working yards all over the country. This type of company general line enables CM Sud S.r.l. to place itself in the market of mechanical construction competitively, both for the cost and the quality of the final product.

The distinctive activity of CM Sud S.r.l. is planning, building and assembly of welded manufactured articles with particular reference to prefabricated structures, acoustic enclosures, and ducts for air treatment. On the ducts the CM Sud S.r.l has got the opportunity to carry out important maintenance works with the rebuilding of the internal insulation and the silencer panels. In these fields, thanks to its experience the company has reached high quality standard.